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December 28, 2016

Sometimes I look back and can’t believe that I used to be a bookworm. And it’s not because I can’t imagine myself with a book or am not the type to enjoy reading anymore. No, it’s because I haven’t touched a book in such a long time that just thinking about it makes me silently go ‘woah.’

Nevertheless, I broke my nearly 3-year long abstinence from books by purchasing a poetry book that was recommended by one of my favourite dancers and YouTubers – Megan Batoon. She shared snippets of the book on her social media stories and I completely fell in love. Whatever was inside this book woke my inner book lover up and I fell back into the trap of good reads… as well as never ending (online) shopping… ANYWAYS

Here’s my list:

milk and honey by rupi kaur

This book was Megan’s recommendation and became my gateway to many things. Glimpses of poems that she shared touched and intrigued me, and the illustrations contributed really well to the overall design and feel of the book – I just had to get it. This book reminded me about poetry and even though the first section of it was very hard to read (angsty, so angsty, and my heart is fragile), it made me pick up my own pen again.

demian by herman hesse

I’ve only read a couple of pages of this book but only because I feel like I need to prepare myself for it. I feel like everyone knows this author and his books but I’ve heard about it just recently because my favourite K-Pop group created a concept that was heavily influenced and based on this book. Now I must read it, that’s how it goes.

pieces of you by tablo

This book! Ah, personally, I consider Tablo to be a genius. I’ve only known him as a talented musician & rapper so you can imagine what happened when I realised he’s also written books. This one is a collection of short stories that were written as his class assignments and after you actually read them, this fact blows your mind. It blew mine! However, I am a weak human being and the first part of the book made me tear up slightly (this is a secret between us both, okay?) but as I’m reading more I’m falling deeper in love.

There we go, my current reading list! Believe me when I say that one of my New Year’s promises will be to dedicate more time to read books! I want to finish them so that I could jump onto the… wishlist!

Yes, yes, yes, you got that one right. After falling into a deep hole of online shopping, I filled up my Amazon wishlist a little bit too quickly… Currently on it:

1. herman hesse – steppenwolf

2. tablo – blonote (WHEN WILL IT BE AVAILABLE IN THE UK??? T_T)

3. nayyirah waheed – salt.

4. glyn maxwell – on poetry.

(also my AMAZON book wish list will be constantly updated if you want to keep an eye on it)

We often forget two things – the benefit of reading and the need for self-care. I hope from now on we all will be able to find some time to grab a good book or the one that we’ve been dreading to finish, and relax. Relax, but also experience. Travel through the world of others in order to find a way through our own.

These are my wishes for myself, and you!

Now, do you want to help me fill up my book wishlist and satisfy shopping cravings? What have you been reading in 2016 & what’s on your 2017 wishlist?

(all images & graphics are mine)

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