Favourite Pins of The Week

November 18, 2016

I once had a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Back in the day when I was younger and didn’t know many good things, I was constantly on We Heart It – creating collections of pretty images that barely served any purpose to me. Fair enough, though, as it was all I needed at the time!

I remember being aware of Pinterest, but completely against it. I might have found it difficult to use, or, ironically enough, useless. Yes, yes, the site from which I get a lot of inspiration now, once looked completely pointless to me.

Not anymore! After getting interested in design, I’ve been creating boards, following people and pinning, pinning, pinning… It’s become my main source of inspiration now. So today I really want to share a few of my favourite pins from this week!

(Psst.. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will find way more graphics as I pin on a daily basis :))

AIGA UPSTNY by Adam Maida
(Adam Maida) – pin it!
Think Out Of The Box by Donart Selimi
(Donart Selimi) – pin it!
Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival 2016 by Javier Jaén
(Javier Jaén) – pin it!

Can you believe that this poster is a photograph of dolls that have hand-crafted headpieces to create such illusion? I was extremely surprised and amazed because the end result is fantastic!

Chapters by Yuna (Album Cover)
(Yuna Album Art) – pin it!
Fly Me To The Moon by Red Gate Arts
(Red Gate Arts) – pin it!

My uni team and I have been researching poster designs for our upcoming masquerade event and this one really caught our eye. We went for an art deco/gatsby style and this poster was our main inspiration!

(PlasticPirate) – pin it!
(lip art – GirlGreyBeauty ; graphic – Sara Woodrow) – pin it!

Confession: I loved the layout of this graphic but only after checking the source I realised that this was designed by a blogger to showcase the picture! Absolutely love it!

(src.) – pin it!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out what exactly this poster was about as the source does not have English text, but it’s from a design set and I am in love with how both elements interact with each other, plus it’s very pleasantly minimalistic!

ltt-peanutzarchitecture by klaus birk
(Klaus Birk) – pin it!

Perspective! An area that I have yet to explore, but this work is brilliant, especially the colour palette.

Sucre Magazine
(Sucre) – pin it!

This minimalistic magazine cover that reminds me of how much I want to learn about editorial & printing. Also, this particular cover is my favourite because of the overall B&W colour scheme with additional blue and warm accents (such as the sky and the model’s skin)

There you have it, my favourite pins of the week. Thank you for reading and I hope you liked some of these as well!

Do you have any Pinterest boards to recommend? Tell me in the comments below!

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