Guide to 2017: Continue The Game, Don’t Start Over (+Printable For Your Planner!)

December 19, 2016

Would you look at the calendar, it’s December already (actually, we’ve reached the halfway point, uh-oh!) This means exactly two things: 2016 is coming to an end and I’d say it’s about time for this, and 2017 is approaching with such speed that I hope you’re wearing seatbelts;

In order not to crash into 2017 completely unprepared and shaken (yes, I just used the shook meme), do some planning in advance and get the most out of your year! Doesn’t that sound overwhelming, though?  Many people look at New Year’s Eve as some kind of miraculous gateway to a better life – so many empty promises get thrown into the night’s sky just to satisfy the craving of a better year. But how many examples are there that it will not be like that at all? (If we were to be honest ’round here, how long did your New Year promises last? Mine did for about a couple of months with many downfalls already in the first one. Yikes.)

So, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. I’ve been in the same position many, many years in a row, always trying to create my perfect self. Every year I’d try again and again, up until 2016 came when something changed and the pressure to make things right was gone! Or maybe I changed something?

I want to tell you about the time I realised an important thing, so let me share my one piece of advice with you:

Refrain from saying “this year is going to be a fresh new start.”

I thought a lot about how to explain this concept in a simple way and I feel like it’d be best to compare it to playing games (where my geeks at??)

Okay, so in any game, you have a starting point from which you progress by doing tasks or getting experience, or completing missions… and you want to do all of this fully, to the point where you achieve 100% completion of it. Sometimes it might so happen that you couldn’t do everything well enough, so you go back and replay or, if that’s not an option, you replay the whole game.  If you’re not the type to do that, my brother is. I’m basing this on his example because it used to frustrate me so badly!!! If the level is not a hundred percent, advance and restart it; if he feels that he missed on some parts of the game, he’d replay…

But life is not a game. You can’t go back and replay a part of your life that you messed up. So you wait until next year because this one you already “ruined” and there will be no perfection achieved… maybe next year then? This is such a waste of time that I myself am also guilty of because your year will never be completely perfect and that’s okay.

Mentally Strong

We all know how life works – there are good stories, and there are bad ones. This span of 365 days is made of hills and cracks, as we manoeuvre between all of them, there’s a possibility of even tumbling from the highest hill down into the deepest hole. This is why having a mindset of spending the year jumping only hilltops, crushing every level with the highest numbers is so pressuring and, dare I say, destructive. I do think people pretty much set themselves for failure from day one like that!

However, there is a better view, a better mindset to follow, a better promise to make to yourself this year. You should:

Continue working on your December 31st, 2016 self.

You’ve already started your journey and been through so many ups and downs. Each year you continue to experience things, move forward and grow so why not embrace that? It’s so good to know that you’re allowed to make mistakes this year. It’s so good to know that you’re the one responsible for how good your year will be and how much you will learn. It’s so good to drop all expectations and just try your absolute hardest at everything you want to achieve. And it’s sure good as hell to try new things, not because you told yourself you will, but because you told yourself you want.

I also want to show you something I stumbled upon on Instagram – @coffeencreate wrote an interesting post about The Righ Mindset which I recommend reading before you start to wreck your brain with mass planning of world domination.

On this note, I will end my ramble! I really hope that everyone will be able to have a beautiful New Year’s Eve so that the start of a new year could set the mood for what’s to come. Even though 2016 might not have been the best year, I believe 2017 will be a pleasant surprise.

But, in order not to face any unpleasant ones, I have prepared a simple and free 2017 printable that you can download, print and fill in!

guide to 2017

Thank you for reading! While you’re still here, I want to take the chance to wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas and LOTS LOTS OF GOOD FOOD, YES!

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