2016 In Photos

January 11, 2017

Well, well, well. If we all casually and collectively whip out our watches (or unlock our phone screens, I don’t know what I meant by watches either, is it the 21st century or not??) we will see that today is the 11th of January.

That is already 11 days of the New Year. The beautiful, promising 2017! And if we look at this post’s title, what conclusions can we make?

Hey, say it louder! For the people at the back!

This post is hella. fucking. late.

*PPAP starts playing in the distance for no reason*

Yeah I know, we said our goodbyes to 2016 and are mid-way into completing all our goals, aspirations and plans for 2017- no? Oh, okay, I thought I was the only one still wasting eating my life away!

Anyways, the point is that I acknowledge how late this post is but as I was climbing out of the depths of anxiety, illness and doubts, I still really wanted to say my proper goodbyes to the previous year. Just like the title suggests this post won’t have much talking in it, so I’ll shut up soon!

I want to say goodbye to one of the hardest years of my life – it put me and my family through a lot, it challenged me and crushed me to my lowest limits, but I am grateful that I was able to stand up again and, step by step, open a new page and start writing a new chapter with extremely shaky hands.

I’ve compiled this small visual something out of my favourite memories from 2016. Many others might have gotten lost in my folders that are currently overflowing, so these are definitely not all of them. Just the ones I remember and would like to keep! Though I’ve shared the majority of these either on my personal Instagram or its story, but please look at them again~

I hope you will enjoy it!


I wish a very friendly and hopeful year of 2017 for you and for myself. Let’s go back to the things we love, people we care about and tales we want to tell.

— Thank you —

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