First Time With LALALAB.

March 1, 2017

Here’s a thing: on this blog, we like print. And it doesn’t really matter what kind of printed objects – I love them all. There’s something about the combination of paper and ink giving a physical shape to a beautifully visual concept.

And what can be more visual than photos? Even though photo printing is not a new thing (this is the part when I start to miss all those old and dusty family photo albums together with the memory of knowing that the local Fujifilm shop has printed our pictures and someone needs to go pick them up; how exciting!), the obsession with picture collages and the recent trend of Instax cameras and polaroids have made photos a very must thing to have. Without having to lie that I don’t need an Instax when I just can’t afford it, and saying that polaroids are becoming overrated when I really want to wallpaper my room with them, I can confess to being a victim of this phenomenon, trend and movement.

But I am no photographer, yet there’s something extremely fascinating about holding a physical copy of something you’ve captured and created. Something that holds meaning and brings back emotions or memories. By looking at it while playing with the light reflecting from the glossy surface, you experience a thrill that no screen can convey.

polaroid wall

Now back in the day, I started printing pictures with this formula: paper+inkjet+scissors. Works wonders! But we all grow and mature, and our tastes become more sophisticated 🙂 Which is why during my last Christmas holiday, when I was home I found a new machine at our local mall that could print your Instagram pictures!

OH MY GOD MOM I NEED THIS PLEASE’ I expressed my needs calmly and confidently. I love my Instagram feed and my room needs to love it too. Also, everyone who visits my room. Period.

And then ever since I got to touch my pictures in their physical form, I can’t get enough!

polaroid wall 2

It’s been more than 2 months after that holiday that I found myself googling “picture printing.” My friend’s birthday was coming up and I had some picture-oriented ideas in my head, so I decided to research what’s on offer.

Basically, my research ended after clicking the first link, downloading the app and placing an order to LALALAB. Hey, it rhymed. Heh, poets. Also impulsive buyers, goddammit. All of whom are me.

Anyways, it was my first time meeting LALALAB! This company offers an image printing service and I am about to tell you my opinion about it. So put on your thick skin costume because shit is about to go down… I’m kidding, I’m literally way too nice for that.


First of all, I love the name LALALAB. Not because I always have to double check if I wrote down enough LA’s, but because it’s so playful and unique. I also love the fact that they have an app because let’s be real, I have zero will to upload pictures from my computer (which are also dated 2014 or earlier. Haha, no).

The whole process of picking & uploading was very easy! I truly appreciate the ability to pick pictures from either my phone, Dropbox, Google Drive or more because I’m a scatterbrain. The hardest part was probably navigating through the pile of what people generally call “folders” or “albums” since half of mine have the same god damn names, and finding good enough pictures (as this was my test order).

However, as I chose Vintage prints, one of my landscape photos did not fit and I had to crop one person out of it 🙁 Sorry buddy, I still love you.

One thing that I absolutely loved was that I could choose the colours of the border!!! I mean, yes???? THE BLACK ONES, OH BOY HOW HAPPY THEY MADE ME.

vintage polaroid prints

I also loved the envelope my photos came in, they’re so cute over at LALALAB. It was pink and pretty and had a cat-patterned inside of it, and also an origami dinosaur?! It’s chilling on my laptop in the top right corner of the picture above. I challenge you to get even cuter, LALALAB!

So my wall is now perfect, I loved pretty much the whole experience, but my rating is not a round 5 yet because I still haven’t tried out so many things!

Maybe you want to try it out yourself? If so, I have the best thing for you…


What’s still on my list? The photobook is so, so tempting to be honest… But let’s leave it until next time! I have a strong feeling that I will have to write another post (or another three posts) about this if I keep obsessing with print so much.

Anyways, this has been my first handshake with LALALAB! Nice to meet you guys, we will talk more in the future. Until the day when I can afford my own monster of a printer, heck yes.

And YOU, thank you for reading my post! I hope my hype over this was somewhat helpful!

I know I was gone but I will be posting more now. I have interesting things coming. I will try to turn this place into something none of us would want to leave ♥

— Now, what about you? Do you love photo prints? Do you have your whole room covered in prints? Let me know in the comments! Or tweet me @vicky_bub and let’s obsess over this together. And happy 1st of March! Spring is here! —

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