One Morning In Photos Pt. 2 (Photobook)

July 21, 2019

Early morning in France — the sun is shining through the rooftop window into a tiny room as we get ready in a rush. We woke up fifteen minutes ago and should leave in fifteen. All those tourist spots won’t visit themselves.

But there’s always time for pictures.

I’ve spoken briefly about the morning in my first morning in photos post where I proposed my love to solo sunny mornings. This time there are two of us and it’s different.

Play the song and take a look.

I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice before – or every time someone asks about my photography – that I prefer taking pictures in natural light. Now I think I should be paraphrasing that as ‘very bright morning sun.’

There being only the two of us was raw, observatory and comfortable. As it is not the first time I go out of my mind with taking pictures randomly, coming up with poses and angles on the spot, I’m grateful my brother is always down for that. It’s how these photos began – with mutual bond and comfort, allowing ideas to come and happen as they do, neither of us questioning why or how.

It’s how I want my photos to continue, though now I must break through the wall(s) of being a stranger. Conquering new challenges of building trust and giving those ideas one last push because they are so fricking terrified to come out.

I made a couple presets from editing similar sun-filled surroundings which I will be refining over time. Still, need to test them out on more sessions with similar lighting. I’d love to create a preset titled ‘Sun’ and use it for pictures like these, adjusting only tiny details specific to the scene or mood. I don’t want to edit them all from scratch because there is one way I see the morning sun – yellow, blinding and hazy with particles of dust moving through it and it is the only time I don’t wish to somehow clean, vacuum and collect them to get rid once and for all.

Thank you for reading! If this sparked any thoughts, comment below or reach out to me on Instagram.

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