Hi, I am Vika.
Your local human with a camera.

Currently based in Manchester (UK).

Photography, writing & visual aesthetics are things that make me a bit more excited than usual. I aspire to combine them in my work.
I am always happy to accept collaborations, ideas or session proposals.

My vision of work is strongly inspired by intimacy, connection, storytelling and love. I’m intrigued by the multidimentionality that people possess and want to portray that.

me: *is cheesy*
I see photography as way to capture moments
which pass too quickly to be noticed
and stories within them
that say more about the subject than it is shown.
I enjoy the aesthetic and personal aspects of it.

  For me a good photograph is one that makes me go woah’ after seeing it. And so I shoot in continuous mode to not miss the significant details, which usually come in the form of poses and/or expressions.
I also strongly believe in editing & post-production and that is where I put an artistic touch to my photos!

I aim for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during my sessions so that the model can show every side of themselves. Building trust is my priority – pre, during and post-session.
more about me

  • I run on coffee and never run out of it;
  • Am romantic by nature;
  • Love writing and drawing;
  • Prefer the sea over anything and really enjoy being in the water;
  • Love being organised and know what is happening when and how;
  • Used to dance and compete;
  • Ice cream is a comfort food even if I'm lactose intolerant. None of that lacto-free stuff tastes the same and that's a fact;
  • Used to make graphics as a form of fanart and have a decent library of photoshop work but decided to pursue photography instead of graphic design;
  • If I did another bachelor's it'd be Psychology;
  • First BA is Creative Events Management;
  • I originally and proudly come from Lithuania🇱🇹;

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